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Modern large-scale scientific simulations, sensor networks, and experiments are generating enormous datasets, with some projects approaching the multiple exabyte range in the near term. Managing and analyzing large datasets in order to transform them into insight is critical for a variety of disciplines including climate science, nuclear physics, security, materials design, transportation, and urban planning. This is currently referred to as the Big Data Challenge. The tools and approaches needed to mine, analyze, and visualize data at extreme scales can be fully realized only if we have end-to-end solutions, which demands collective, interdisciplinary efforts.

The Large Scale Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV) symposium, to be held in conjunction with IEEE VisWeek 2013, is specifically targeting possible end-to-end solutions. The LDAV symposium will bring together domain scientists, data analysts, visualization researchers, users, designers and artists, to foster common ground for solving both near- and long-term problems. 


We are looking for original research contributions on a broad-range of topics related to the collection, analysis, manipulation or visualization of large-scale data. We also welcome position papers on these topics.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  •  Innovative approaches combining information visualization, visual analytics, and scientific visualization
  • Streaming methods for analysis, collection and visualization
  • Novel, extreme or innovative methods for understanding and interacting with data
  • Data mining and machine learning techniques for large data analysis
  • Advanced hardware and system architectures for data handling, analysis or visualization
  • Hierarchical data storage, retrieval or rendering
  • Distributed, parallel or multi-threaded approaches
  • MapReduce-based and Database-related methods, algorithms or approaches
  • Data collection, management and curation
  • Collaboration or co-design of data analysis with domain scientists
  • Application case studies
  • Topics in cognitive issues specific to manipulating and understanding large data
  • Industry solutions for Big Data analytics and infrastructure

Submission Instructions:

Submitted manuscripts may not exceed maximum of eight (8) pages in length, with an optional ninth page that can only contain references. The length of the paper should be proportional to the contributions it makes. We welcome short papers of 4 or 6 pages in length. The manuscripts should be formatted according to guidelines available on the IEEE VisWeek site at 

Submission Site:

Go to the submission site log in, and select 'Submit to LDAV 2013 Papers' 

Important Dates 


The proceedings of the symposium will be published together with the VisWeek proceedings and via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. 

Best Paper:

 The LDAV Program Committee will award a Best Papers award to the authors whose submission is deemed the strongest according to the reviewing criteria. This award will be announced at the event.